Branding and advertising are vital for the success of your business and it’s so important that you get the right message out to your audience. How you are perceived matters a lot and you must hit the correct audiences via the most relevant channels to get the enquiries coming in.

In an era where digital is becoming king though, you still need to get the marketing mix right. Along with digital advertising, you need to get the out-of-home advertising spot on to stand out from the crowd.

That brings a need for companies like Signs 24-7, a sign manufacturer in the Warrington area, who are experts when it comes to signage and branding and helping businesses catch the eye.

Here are some important tips when it comes to outdoor advertising:

  • Get the designs right

Signage for the sake of signage can be just as damaging as having no signage at all. Your branding needs to look smart, trendy and in-keeping with your business. Signs 24-7 have a team of in-house designers who work with clients if they need any design help.

  • Do your research

So you’ve decided you want some new signage, now what? It pays to do your research to help find the best signage partner. Check their reviews, take a look at their website and social and find some of their case studies. Also make sure to see if they know the correct safety procedures when working on signage projects. If you make the right choice, not only can you save money but time too as they’re more likely to get the job done correctly first time.

  • Check out the competition

When thinking about signage, it’s always worth seeing what the competition is doing right and doing wrong so you can hone your own. If you can go one better than them and get the style just right, you could immediately take your company to the next level and leave them in your wake.

  • Complement outdoor with indoor

So your outdoor signage has wowed a potential customer/visitor! Well now it’s time to back that up with indoor signage to match! As a specialist in wall graphics in the Altrincham area, Signs 24-7 can make offices, meeting rooms and corridors come to life to keep the positivity flowing inside.

  • Get in touch

Whatever type of signage you’re looking for, Signs 24-7 can help. Give them a call on 01606 247 247 or visit their website for more information: