Inspire, educate and engage your students, teachers and visitors!

Helsby High School Science Wall Art Case Study

Solar Sytem School Wall Art Graphic Vinyl
Food Groups School Wall Graphic
School Wall Timeline Graphic
Helsby Scientists School Wall Graphic
English School Wall Vinyl Graphic

What can wall graphics do for your school or college?

We can also spruce up your school stairs with some vibrant stair graphics!

We can even supply and fit graphics suitable for long corridors.

School Wall Corridor Graphic Timeline
School Wall Corridor Timeline

Bring a WOW factor to your corridors and classrooms with custom wall art.

Your school walls, classrooms and corridors provide an opportunity to inspire, students, staff and visitors while educating them at the same time with graphics that can be easily removed and updated. Whether you’re looking to highlight your school’s values, promote a subject zone or revamp a welcome area, we design, print and install graphics that will make heads turn.

Email us to request the Free PDF with over 100 examples of off-the-peg schools wall art, potentially saving hundreds in artwork costs.

Sports, Gym, Inspirational wall graphic
Sports, Gym, Inspirational wall graphic
Sports, Gym, Inspirational wall graphic

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Whatever your budget, we will work with you to provide graphics, murals and decals based on what you can afford.

Bring your learning spaces to life with quality, cost-effective solutions.

Flexible & Efficient Installations

Our team of experienced installers will be on hand to fit your graphics at a time that suits you. Enjoy the freedom of changing your displays as and when required! Our products are designed to be installed and removed easily with no residue or difficulties.

Hassle-Free Process From Start to Finish

Dealing with a number of organisations on a project can be time consuming. With Signs 24-7 you don’t need to worry about this. From the initial design to print and install, we can take care of it all.

Eco-Friendly Credentials

Your custom wall graphics will not only be stylish but sustainable too.

We only use eco-friendly inks and our products are digitally generated which helps reduce warehousing costs and waste.

Download a FREE Guide to reinvigorate your school walls

Do you want to transform your walls, corridors and classrooms? Begin by downloading our FREE guide to fully understand how custom wall graphics and visuals can help improve the environment at your school for students, staff and visitors alike. 

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