Are you a head of department or key decision maker at your school?

Wondering how you can transform bland walls and corridors to create interest and excitement?

Then why not arrange to have colourful and inspirational wall graphics installed! Cost effective and eye-catching, wall graphics have the power to bring dull spaces to life in all educational settings and can have a lasting impact for both teachers and students.

Keep reading to discover more about wall graphics and some of the key benefits of installing them.

What are wall graphics?

Also referred to as vinyl or decals, wall graphics are simply images or designs that are applied to walls. They can cover whole walls and corridors or take the form of standalone quotes or images.

There are plenty of options too in terms of finish and material depending on budget and required longevity.

More and more schools are using wall graphics because of their impact when compared to blank and uninspiring spaces.

Why should your school install wall graphics?

There are many reasons why schools are using wall graphics and murals to bring spaces to life. Here are some of the driving factors behind having them commissioned.

Inspire learning

Wall art and graphics are a fantastic way to inspire learning and complement the topics being taught. Whether it’s quotes from a famous author or striking imagery of a location or building, well-placed murals can inspire students and help them really dive into a subject.

When pictures and images say a thousand words, why keep a wall or corridor blank? Use the spaces at your disposal effectively and students can be learning before a lesson has even begun.

Improve wellbeing

Schools and their classrooms can sometimes be a stressful and pressured environment. However, wall graphics can help play a part in bringing calm to a room and helping people focus.

Images of nature for instance have a relaxing quality, while a famous sportsperson could motivate pupils before a PE lesson.

You don’t want a classroom or subject zone to make people feel uninterested or uninspired. Let wall art play its part in creating an atmosphere that makes students want to learn.

Complement the curriculum

Yes school wall graphics and murals can simply look good but don’t forget that they can be a learning tool.

How useful could the periodic table be on a science corridor wall? How many dates could sink into students’ minds through a history timeline featuring key events?

These murals could really play a part in helping pupils remember key facts come exam season as it will be something they see week in, week out.

Reinforce school values

School wall art and murals don’t only have to focus on learning and subject matter. They can also be used to reinforce your school’s ethos, values and identity.

Key messages and branding can be used in your reception or shared spaces such as halls and meeting rooms, while emotive imagery can be utilised in main corridors and thoroughfares to show togetherness and unity. Think students learning or maybe your sports teams representing the school.

These will really come into their own on open evenings or when events are held at your school.

Why choose Signs 24-7 for your school wall graphics?

Thinking of going ahead and starting a new school wall graphics project? Here are some reasons why you should trust Signs 24-7 to undertake the project for you.

Experience – Our team has over 15 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing school wall graphics. You can rely on us to find the perfect solution for your school walls.

End to end – Need inspiration or simply not got the time to worry about a new project such as school wall graphics? Our team can create designs for you, print your graphics in-house and then install at a time to suit the school. We will work with you to suit your needs even if that means installing at midnight!

Cost effective – We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for our clients when it comes to graphics and signage. That means we won’t recommend something simply because it will make us more money. We want you to have whatever works best at a price that suits your budget.

Peace of mind – We’re at the end of the phone or on email around the clock! That means if you have a question or query we’ll always be available to get back to you. This will help ensure the project stays on track and you’re never left waiting ages for answers.

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