Graphic signage is one of the most popular advertising techniques that has existed in the retail market for years. The signage market has evolved over the years but the best part about graphic signage is that it has the quality to be modifiable whenever and however you want.

Why is it so important to have a good sign in your store? 

One of the main reasons why installing a quality sign is so important in the commercial field has to do with the image of the establishment. It helps build brand reputation, which is very important both to increase sales and to establish a long-term relationship of trust with customers.

It is well known to all that retailers need to create a consistent image among their target audience. And the signage can communicate the nature and activity of the business itself. To give a very simple example, if you have a store dedicated to the sale of children’s accessories, in addition to the name of the business you can add the image of a bottle. In this way, the pedestrians will only need to take a look to know what the store sells.

Do not forget that the signs at the point of sale have a very positive impact on sales. That is why it is so important to choose a company of quality and trust.

If you want to operate a successful physical business that attracts customers and increase sales, then you need to get their attention – and smart retailers know that this starts with illuminated shop signage Northwich.

Tips for having the best sale signs

No matter what type of signs you decide to include in your physical store, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be specific:A personalized sign should only give the right message in the right place, a practice known as narrowcasting. In the design of a poster, specific details such as instructions, location and product information should be included as a reference.


  • Keep it simple:The message on your sign should be clear, since one with too much information is usually ignored. Use the five-second rule that says that if you can transmit the main themes of your sign in less than five seconds, it is approved. If it takes longer, you should shorten the message or use another series of signs.

  • Write a title: This should help you be concise and simple at the same time. It comprises a principle of the written press: the heading matters. Can the text be simplified? Can prepositions and extra words be eliminated? The signs use a message organized by hierarchy: title, explanatory text and, finally, a call to action.

  • Make a call to action: Signs are advertisements and as any good advertiser knows, you have to do something to get the customer’s attention, that’s the call to action. An effective sign must have a simple objective.

We hope these pointers are handy enough to make your signage provided by Signage Suppliers Warrington stand out in the crowd.