There are many ways you can use signage to help advertise your business. Obvious solutions such as shop front signage are a must, but you can also use methods such as vehicle graphics and office wall branding to leave a lasting impression on people. Here are some important points to bear in mind when it comes to signage:

  • If you’re trying to design new signage, it is always a good idea to get experts involved
  • The materials and coloursused are key to effective signage
  • The location of your signage is critical too. It needs to be as visible as possible

Signs 24-7 can help with all of the above and much more. Keep reading to discover why you should think about refreshing your signage today.

  • Multiple options available

With advances in technology and printing, there are so many options for your business signage.

You could go traditional with wood, use metal to create a stylish and modern effect or even go down the illuminated route to really stand out.

The Signs 24-7 team will have the perfect option for you – all you have to do is give them a call and they’ll find you the most effective solution for your business.

  • Visible 24/7

Signage, when placed in the right location, acts as a marketing tool 24-7. With the right design, look and feel, it can play an important role in securing new customers and attracting footfall.

For round the clock promotion, illuminated signage will certainly have the most impact. Find out more about the work Signs 24-7 have done in this area here:

  • Easy to maintain

If you choose the right materials, which our expert team can advise on, signage can last for years and years needing minimal or even no maintenance.

This also means that signage can be a very cost effective way of promoting your businesses. Once you’ve paid the one-off cost for design, manufacturing and install, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your signage is working hard to advertise your business.

  • Inform, educate, inspire

Signage isn’t just effective with regards to attracting customers. It can also be used to motivate and inspire employees.

Murals and graphics can be placed on office walls and in corridors to convey important messages and raise morale. These will also look impressive if clients come to visit! If you have any queries about any of the above or would simply like to learn more, please visit the Signs 24-7 website today: