Wall art is creative, liberating and can convey inspirational messaging. Wall graphics are a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and are able to portray key facts and information or simply enhance the aesthetic of the space. Latex ink is mostly used for wall art as it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


  • Motivational and Uplifting Wall Graphics

Beautiful school wall graphics help make walls colorful and informative, and can stimulate the minds of students.


Wall art in pre-schools is especially effective as it gives a visual picture which helps the students to grasp and understand concepts quickly, while wall graphics at primary and secondary schools make spaces lively and less dull. Walls can also be revamped to promote school values, not just topic and course related content.


The professional team at Signs 24-7 ensure all work is carried out with no hassle at a flexible time to suit you and your preferences.


  • Powerful Marketing Tool for Businesses and Brands

Signs 24-7,sign manufacturers in the Altrincham area,create unique and amazing signage which acts as an effective marketing tool for businesses and brands. Illuminated signagefor instance can really help a company stand out and add instant curb appeal.


  • Studies show that professionally designed illuminated signage helps in increasing sales by nearly 30 to 50% for businesses. This is because it increases the visibility of the business to potential customers.
  • Customised and bespoke illuminated signscan give a new look and feel to a business. It is energy efficient as it does not require very high voltage. Once installed, the signage is low maintenance too.
  • The professional Signs 24-7 team ensures the lighting is eco-friendly, safe, and sustainable and pride themselves on delivering on-time and on budget.
  • From design to manufacturing and installation, the team can take care of everything.


  • Office and Corporate Wall Graphics

The use of the wall graphics is not only limited to schools. They are very effective in offices and hospitality settings as well.

Motivational quotes can be used to inspire workers and entertain clients or create appealing interiors for customers.


All wall art and graphics produced by Signs 24-7 can be tailored to suit the needs of the client whether that’s in terms of budget, specifications or materials.


Installs always take place at a time to suit the client too – yes that does mean 24-7!